How to use a nasal swab
1. Prepare
Before starting your sample collection process, we recommend first ensuring that you’ll be comfortable and uninterrupted. You should wash your hands before and after collection, and you must ensure that your kit will be shipped back to us within 24 hours of collecting your sample.*
2. Activate
Activate your kit online just before collecting your sample—activation is necessary for us to proceed with your analysis. For individual orders, please visit and enter your kit's barcode (if you've already done this, skip to the next step). If this test is being provided by your employer, school, or group, please visit and select the appropriate option ("I have a code, but no kit" or "I have a kit already") to proceed with activation.
3. Place
Open the stabilizing solution tube and place it within the opening on your kit’s insert card. This will ensure it’s ready to go for when you need to use it.
4. Insert
Gently insert swab into nostril until swab contacts what feels like the top of your nasal cavity. This should NOT lead to discomfort - do not push the swab further than one inch into nostril. Rotate swab against your nasal wall a few times using firm but gentle pressure. Repeat in other nostril.
5. Immerse
Place the tip of the swab (the side that you used) into the stabilizing solution tube, so that the swab is immersed in the liquid. Do not drink or touch solution; wash hands if solution comes in contact with skin.
6. Seal
Break off the remainder of the swab along the scored line (it should naturally snap in half). Seal the plastic tube using the same cap, ensuring that the swab is upright within the tube and that there is no leakage. Don’t over-tighten the cap, as this may cause damage or cracking.
7. Enclose
Put the sealed tube into the plastic specimen bag, which contains an absorbent sheet, and seal the bag.
8. Re-box
Put your bagged sample back inside the kit box and seal the box with the sticker provided. (We know this is a lot of packaging—but it’s really important to follow specimen shipping procedures for clinical samples!) Note: In some cases involving group orders, your group administrator may advise you to skip this step. If this applies to you, please follow the instructions of your administrator.
9. Ship within 24 hrs
If shipping back via FedEx, place your box into the provided FedEx envelope with pre-affixed shipping label, and seal the envelope. Wipe down your package with a cleansing wipe, if available. Promptly ship your sample back via FedEx.*
If your employer or group is providing a return courier service, ensure that you return your collected sample to your group administrator as instructed by them.
*It’s important that FedEx receives your sample on the same day you collect it. If mailing your sample via FedEx dropbox, ensure your sample is dropped off before the last Express pickup of the day. Do not deliver your sample to a dropbox on a Saturday or Sunday. Mailing your sample on time helps ensure your test’s accuracy. Our lab may be unable to accept late samples.